BOSTON (CBS) – Congressman Joe Kennedy said he’s receiving death threats as a result of his Massachusetts Senate primary race with Sen. Ed Markey.

Kennedy’s campaign manager sent a letter to Markey on Monday saying they’ve been reporting threats to U.S. Capitol Police almost on a daily basis.

The campaign is accusing Markey of creating a dangerous atmosphere in the final stretch of the race.

“The death threats and assassination references are beyond the pale. But it is the petty and personal attacks on our supporters that we find most disheartening,” Kennedy’s campaign manager wrote. “Reasonable minds can disagree about who to support in this race, between two progressive candidates who undoubtedly share deep political values. But no matter what side you fall on, we should be able to agree that those who volunteer their time, talent, energy and passion to help drive the democratic process should be commended and celebrated — not disparaged, ridiculed, or attacked.”

Markey’s campaign told the Boston Globe he has condemned personal attacks.

“The Markey campaign itself had already reported these condemnable posts to be removed,” Markey’s campaign manager told the newspaper. “The Kennedy campaign itself acknowledges that the Markey campaign does not support the individuals behind these tweets.”


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