BOSTON (CBS) — Chase Winovich is a fun follow on social media, and if anything is clear about the second-year Patriots linebacker, it’s that the kid loves milk.

For Winovich, nothing beats getting home from practice and downing a glass of milk. As we all know, it does a body good, and judging from Winovich’s physique and ability to get to opposing quarterbacks, he’s enjoyed quite a few glasses over the years.

Winovich has made several posts about drinking milk on his Twitter account, but as he explained during a Tuesday video conference with reporters, he’s not looking for a side gig — he just really loves the beverage.

“This might get me in trouble, but this isn’t an ad,” Winovich said as he downed a whey protein shake, which he said was a big part of his post-practice recovery. “It’s one of those things, there is sort of a war against milk. As an avid dairy drinker I enjoy [milk], and my twitter account has become a bit of a beverage review account. I enjoy milk and I think dairy farmers do an excellent job around this country.We need to appreciate them and the beautiful cows that are also milked and produce this delicious milk.”

“I don’t want to do it for any commercials, I just like drinking milk,” he added.

Winovich does have a diary farmer in his family, as his cousin runs one in Lancaster County in Pittsburgh — “Amish country” as Winovich explained. He also took a trip to Liberty Hills Farm in Vermont during the offseason, where he got the chance to milk some cows.

“I got the opportunity to meet all the cows milk some and it was a super dramatic story. It was an awesome time,” he said. “I really just fell in love with the process.”

There you have it, the reason behind all of those milk posts from Winovich. And now that it appears he’s growing a mustache for his second NFL season — “It’s something of a mustache, you could say,” he said Tuesday — it seems like the universe is lining up for the 25-year-old to appear in a new “Got Milk” ad.


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