BOSTON (CBS) – The man charged in the shooting death of a Roxbury convenience store clerk was ordered held without bail during a virtual arraignment Monday. Stephon Samuel, 25, of Lynn, is charged with murder, armed robbery and other charges in the shooting death of 24-year-old Tanjim Siam.

Siam, who moved to Boston from Bangladesh, was working at M&R Convenience Store on July 14 when Samuel allegedly demanded money, forced him into another area of the store at gunpoint and shot him at close range. He succumbed to his injuries on August 22.

Samuel was arrested after an attempted robbery in Brockton on July 22. Prosecutors said the firearm he allegedly used was matched to ballistics evidence in the convenience store. Fingerprints at the scene also matched Samuel, prosecutors said.

Stephon Samuel (Photo credit: Brockton police)

“This was a shameful and cowardly act of violence against a man who did nothing but comply with his killer’s demands,” District Attorney Rachael Rollins said. “My Office will hold this individual accountable for taking Mr. Siam’s life and for the harm and trauma that he has inflicted on Mr. Siam’s family and the community around this store.”

Tanjim Siam (Image credit Facebook)

Samuel, who was also charged as a Level 1 Armed Career Criminal based on a 2016 conviction for a drug distribution offense, will return to court on October 14.

  1. Bill Branch says:

    This is a perfect candidate for the death penalty.
    Massachusetts, with your mamby-pamby attitude towards criminals, you have created your own Hell.
    Useless non-contributing POSs such as this not only get our tax money to pay for their defense and ad infinitum appeals, we pay for their room, board, medical, and all expenses, almost as swank as US Congressmen. Put this crawling turd to death!

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