WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) – Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch had a heated exchange with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during a Monday hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The hearing is being held amid rising concerns about delays in mail delivery ahead of the November election.

Lynch, a Democrat, was critical of DeJoy’s handling of the Postal Service, and during his time asked “how can one person screw this up in just a few weeks?”

The Massachusetts congressman said the Postal Service removed 671 high speed mail-sorting machines. Following Lynch’s remarks, DeJoy called accusations “outrageous” and Lynch responded by asking “Will you put the machines back?”

DeJoy called the machines “not necessary” and said “No I will not.”

“The answer is no, and every accusation you made, other than adhering to the truck schedule, is inaccurate and more misinformation for the American public,” said DeJoy.

Democrats are questioning a series of recent operational changes at the Postal Service, such as eliminating most overtime and ending extra package deliveries.


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