NEW IPSWICH, N.H. (CBS) — Six people were injured after a tent collapsed at a religious revival event in New Ipswich, New Hampshire Sunday afternoon. Police believe strong winds caused the incident.

At the time, as many as 100 people were underneath the tent. Everyone was able to get out by themselves.

A tent collapsed on an event in New Ipswich, New Hampshire Sunday (WBZ-TV)

“We received a call as the storm was happening, a very severe storm was running through town, we received a call for a tent collapse with a potential 20 people injured. Upon my arrival, and we did some investigation, we actually had six injuries, four patients were transported to various hospitals,” said Deputy Fire Chief Gary Somero.

All of the injuries are non-life-threatening, the worst is believed to be a broken arm.

The incident was a challenge for first responders because the small New Hampshire town only has two ambulances. Ambulances from surrounding towns were called to help.

“It was somewhat chaotic, naturally, as you know there was a large number of people there. Everybody had been removed from where the tent site into a large barn that’s on the property and it was just a matter of getting in, setting up triage, checking on patients, determining the worst injuries to transport.

The tent had passed inspection before the event.

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