By Jim Smith

NATICK (CBS) – Tony Catlin summed up the injuries suffered by his cousin Kimberly Gunner with one key word. “Shattered I guess is the word,” he said. “Shattered.”

But he could just as easily have been describing his entire family. They are devastated after a hit and run driver left Kimberly and her husband Andy Colbert with horrific injuries.

The scene took place earlier this week in Natick. Witness video of the aftermath shows Colbert dazed and sitting on the ground. Kimberly was in the background, both legs crushed and also partially impaled by a piece of fencing.

As of Friday night, Tony Catlin said Kimberly was still fighting for her life. “She was in about eight hours of surgery yesterday, working on first the one leg that wasn’t as bad, and then trying to save the other leg and not have it amputated,” Catlin said. “My understanding is they’re trying to reconstruct this area but she’s not out of the woods. She’s on mechanical ventilation.”

Natick police now say they believe they have located the vehicle possibly involved. Witnesses described a young woman behind the wheel with two teenage boys. No charges have been announced.

“I’ve seen that they’ve got the truck….there were a lot of witnesses there. So in my mind I’m shocked that maybe that they haven’t apprehended anyone,” said Catlin.

He doesn’t understand why the driver left the scene. “How could you do that? They hit them and why wouldn’t you just stop?”

Tony says a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of medical care that will hopefully save Kimberly’s life. “Like I said she’s a fighter,” he said. “And hopefully God willing she will get through this.”

Jim Smith


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