By Juli McDonald

WORCESTER (CBS) – The start of Nili Amir’s medical career is happening at the very same place she began her life: UMass Memorial in Worcester. It’s rewarding to work and learn in her own community hospital – but she had no idea the treat to come on her August 3 birthday.

“A lot of OB/GYNs deliver babies on their birthday; It’s not unusual to be working on your birthday. But I don’t think many get to deliver babies on their birthday in the hospital they were born,” she said, smiling.

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The fourth year medical student found herself helping deliver a baby in the exact same place she arrived 28 years ago, and at nearly the same time!

Nili Amir (WBZ-TV)

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“I looked at the clock and noted it was about 15 minutes prior to the time I was born. It was really just a full circle moment,” she said.

It’s a challenging and stressful time to work in medicine. Yet with every special delivery Amir is a part of, she feels tremendous hope for the future.

“We’re really depending on this next generation to do really great things for the world. Every baby that I’m helping to deliver I’m really putting a lot of faith in them that they’ll do great things,” Amir said.

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The Worcester native is now applying to four-year residency programs. She is passionate about the surgical complexity and long-term patient relationships in the obstetrics and gynecology specialty, and hopes a focus of her medical career will be caring for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Juli McDonald