BOSTON (CBS) — Moving in slowly and safely: students at Boston University are getting back into their dorms during a two-week move-in process. The university is staggering the arrival times to limit the number of people and to allow for social distancing.

“We go in there they’re all waiting for us. The process is like boom, boom, boom. Love it,” said parent Ian Rosi.

WBZ-TV caught up with Ella Rosi while she was moved in before her mandatory COVID-19 test. “I have a biology class this semester and I need to take that lab in person so there’s definitely I appreciate being back in person,” she said.

Testing upon arrival is also a requirement at Northeastern University.

“It’s working smoothly so far. I talk to people they’re in and out within ten minutes. You’re able to schedule ahead of time,” said Northeaster grad student Sam Ferris.

Returning students need three negative tests to attend classes.

The Cabot Center is now a testing location to streamline the process.

Students say they feel safe and are happy to fill out a daily health questionnaire ensuring they are symptom-free for COVID-19.

“It feels good. It’s been a long time, we left in March it feels good to be back,” Andy Kaplan, another Northeastern graduate student.

Faculty and staff are also required to be tested before return to area college campuses.

Mike LaCrosse


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