By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – Amid the backdrop of vastly improved overall coronavirus metrics – but with the stubborn threat of a resurgence still real – some students at Boston University are moving into their dorms this weekend.

The influx of college students from around the country is adding to the anxiety of Massachusetts health officials – not to mention the parents of those students.

Saturday began college move-in day at BU as students and their families get ready for a year where the unusual is now the new normal.

Move-in day at Boston University. (WBZ-TV)

Classmates are hoping to soak in at least some of the classic college experience.

“You don’t want to miss out on the four years that everyone promises are going to be the best in your life,” said Ben Reydler. “But at the same time you don’t want to endanger anybody you don’t want to contract and have to miss school yourself and then you get to miss out on everything. So it’s just finding the balance.”

in the name of safety, the move-in is taking place in phases during about a two-week period. All students must complete a COVID-19 test on the day they arrive on campus.

Academics will be a mixture of online and in person classes.

“I wish honestly all of it was in person just because I learn better in person, but I think it’s really important for them to be online because we really want to reduce the spread,” said Ashya Singh.

Students move into a Boston University dorm. (WBZ-TV)

Many students are glad to have at least some in-person learning

“Oh it’s exciting. Not many colleges are doing this. I’m excited to get back to class to see our professors. I didn’t get used to online classes. It’s different,” said Diego Mansilla.

This is also a nerve-wracking time for parents, but at least one gives BU high marks.

“I feel like BU’s really done a good job,” said Brenda Klauss. “That apartment is so clean I’m stunned. It’s spotless. So i really feel good about it.”

Jim Smith


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