AMHERST (CBS) — The University of Massachusetts Amherst launched an independent review into claims against congressional candidate Alex Morse. The 31-year-old Holyoke mayor is accused of pressuring college students into relationships while he worked at the school as a lecturer.

As part of the review, attorney Natashia Tidwell is asking students to come forward to anonymously report any relevant information.

Morse, who is openly gay, has admitted to having relationships with students and apologized to anyone who felt uncomfortable.

Morse’s campaign said the allegations have been engineered to smear his campaign against Congressman Richard Neal in the primary.

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  1. mark says:


  2. First of all.the accusations are a bit thin. Mr. Morse was a lecturer /instructor for 8 courses in government. In these allegations there are no specifics given. If he was dating a person taking his course. Well then there might bre an issue. If it was a past student? Was it just a student at U Mass.? The odd thing too. Representative Neal that Mr Morse is running against is also an instructor at U Mass. Makes me wonder his connection with the Daily Collegian or the Democratic Campus groups? See in these situations all you have to do is start a rumor. People believe the worse before the good.

  3. Jim Stark says:

    Typical of the Massachusetts hack o rama, hire an attorney (likely a friend or relative of a connected someone) to investigate a crime. Don;t the police an dAG offices do this as part of their job? just maybe they hired the “independent” attorney so later they can say “we investigated and found nothing. Disgusting.

    1. E Squared says:

      Ummm why would the police be interested? How many minors do you think went to the college. And don’t you feel like an idiot now that chat logs from the complaining students from when they were fabricating this “leak”? You are looking at the wrong end of this for a conspiracy. There was a conspiracy, a conspiracy to smear a gay politician for their own gain. get over yourself.

  4. John S says:

    This reporting on CBS is extremely misleading. He denies ever having pressured anyone into a relationship. He also denies having ever entered into a relationship with his own students (which the phrasing of this report implies), let alone pressured them into one.

    The Intercept has reported evidence linking the state democratic party to this smear campaign led by a student who aspires to work for Neal, who Morse is challenging in the primary. The report also alleges that the smearing campaign has been going on for over a year.

  5. edryan221 says:

    A little known fact in the Alex Morse UMASS smear job, is that the President of UMASS who now orders an attorney investigation of Morse, is also employed by Blue Cross Heath Insurance Co. as the director.
    UMASS President Meehan is hiring an Attorney to investigate what? There is no allegation that Morse violated the UMASS policy that prohibits a professor from having sexual relations with one of his or her own students. The attorney hiring is the continuing of a smear job by elite democrats doing their best to make sure the very democratic ideal of universal coverage does not happen. Neal was slammed last night in the debate by Morse for taking money from corporate interests and then doing what is best for them and not the people. UMASS president Meehan gets paid over $600,000 a year to head UMASS to make it a better learning institution. He does not get paid that amount to weaponize the University in ways that it can be used to stop the people of America from having universal health care. His move to now hire an Attorney to continue investigating Morse, is really the President of UMASS doing what it takes to continue smearing Alex Morris. It is no coincidence that both Attorney Jim Roosevelt and UMASS president Marty Meehan, are both deeply tied to the health insurance industry and don’t want Morse, a n advocate for universal healthy care , to defeat Richie Neal, a Congress well paid by the insurance industry to make sure congress passes no bills that usher in single payer. Stop the BS. Morse does not deserve this, He is a hard working leader who wants the best for America. These hacks want what puts money in their pockets and could careless about the people. I now call for Governor Baker to investigate the role of UMASS President Meehan in this smearing, and to fire him when it is proved that, yes, he is involved. It is a real sick thing to use UMASS in such a horrible way. Meehan has violated his duty to serve the best interest of UMASS , and he needs to go. I urge voters who don’t l what Meehan is doing to call their Reps and demand the firing of Meehan from his position as president of UMASS. Thank You, Ed Ryan

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