By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — At this point of … everything that’s going on in the world, we’re all pretty much past the weirdness and bizarre reality of Tom Brady still being an NFL quarterback but no longer being the quarterback of the New England Patriots. Right?

Part of the process of grappling with that reality has been helped along by the Patriots’ signing of a bona fide, certifiable superstar in Cam Newton to replace the greatest of all time. While we don’t get to see Cam in a traditional training camp or preseason setting this month, we are starting to get glimpses of what the QB looks like in his new Pats gear.

The team released some shots from their photo shoots of individual players this week, with Newton — a man who cares deeply about his clothing — looking quite comfortable in his new duds.

Those pictures show what Newton looks like in the Patriots’ new jerseys for 2020 … sort of. The font on Newton’s one is noticeably different than what’s expected to be on the real deal come September.

Fonts aside, the suited-up Newton pictures give a better idea of what the QB will look like in Foxboro than the workout photos in sweats have shown.

And though the annual stampede of fans at training camp won’t be happening this year, fans did catch a glimpse of Newton on the practice field on Wednesday during a live stream.

The 2020 NFL season — likely in empty stadiums, perhaps on Saturdays, with social distancing measures we don’t even yet know — will look different than any before it. It’s only fitting, then, that the Patriots as we know them look completely different, too.


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