BOSTON (CBS) – With cancer invading her body, it is a hard for Gayle Larassa to even walk. “I have small cell lung cancer, spine cancer, bone cancer and kidney cancer,” Larassa said. “I have a lot of treatment I have a lot of doctors’ appointments they are all over the place.”

Gayle moved to Massachusetts from Arizona in May to get treatment at Dana Farber. Before she left, she paid an outstanding $100 traffic fine to have her license reinstated.

“My right to drive was given back to me,” Larassa told the I-Team. “I have not been able to use it because Arizona and Massachusetts can’t get it together.”

Gayle Larassa (WBZ-TV)

She provided the Registry of Motor Vehicles with documentation that the fine was paid and even got a copy of her driving record in Arizona, but the registry told her it needed Arizona to fax over her records.

“It’s been horrible, been to the registry in Worcester eight times,” she said. “It’s a struggle for me to ask for a ride all the time. The last thing I need is more stress every day is stressful enough.”

So Gayle contacted the I-Team and we contacted the registry. Twenty four hours later, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said it “resolved the case” and told us “her license status is now active.”

Grateful for the help Gayle, got the good news on her way out of her radiation treatment. “Got the call while I was in there thanks I-Team.”

The registry never needed a fax from Arizona. Massachusetts has access to a national database of drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended. Gayle Larassa was not on it.

Cheryl Fiandaca


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