EXETER, N.H. (CBS) – The superintendent in Exeter, New Hampshire, said he and teachers are receiving threats for over the school district’s reopening plans

The district has decided to begin the school year with remote learning. Superintendent David Ryan said threats from people upset with the decision have included profanities and people threatening to follow teachers around and take pictures of them if they are not wearing masks or social distancing.

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“We are all working through the difficult and emotional topic of continuing our students’ education at a high level under several changing and stressful conditions caused by the current pandemic. Everyone has a way of dealing with the stress and uncertainty in different ways, and we recognize that sometimes a person’s initial reaction or expression of frustration and anger can be impulsive and not fully thought out,” Ryan said.

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Threats have come via email and voicemail. Some of the threats included:

“Way to cave to a couple moms signing petitions! You are whats (sic) wrong with America!!! Remote learning for a demographic of the population that has shown the least amount of issue with Covid?”

“On a more immediate note — you really should let teachers know not to be seen out in public without masks. It’s my understanding that there are a bunch of pictures, just from last night!”

“You are a target of a group of people now.”

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“We are fortunate to have a very supportive school community in SAU 16 and these and other comments, including those on closed social media platforms, do not reflect the culture or climate of our towns. We empathize with those community members who are working through these feelings right now and continue to offer resources for support and assistance,” Ryan said.