By Juli McDonald

NATICK (CBS) – The town of Natick is now the latest community to allow just one parent per player at youth baseball games. After Governor Baker tightened up outdoor restrictions from 100 to 50 people, league organizers have to control who’s on the sidelines.

“We are alternating. I come tonight, so my husband will come to Thursday’s game. But it’s sad because we have two other kids who want to be involved,” said Natick parent Jen Zahornacky.

This Natick dad is also the coach – and that means he counts for his household.

“If my older son is playing over here my wife can’t come because I’m already here. She follows on her phone. All the parents want to start using the app to follow all the games because it’s the only way they can watch,” said Natick parent and coach Jeff Schneller.

Parents watch a youth baseball game in Natick (WBZ-TV)

In Methuen league officials changed simultaneous side by side games to other fields or even different towns. At one Natick park, at least some overflow spectators can still see from their cars. League board members will be present to count heads and enforce the rules.

“I would never want to do anything to jeopardize that, for my children to be able to continue to do something they love. It gives them a sense of normalcy. I would hope people adhere to it. I definitely will, to make sure everybody is safe and allow them to be able to play their game,” another mother said.

“It’s your one summer outing. We want to be here to be supportive. We were all super excited the season started. It’s just another one of the downfalls of (Covid). It’s unfortunate; I guess we should be grateful we’re here at all and we’re getting to watch the game,” Zahornacky added.

Juli McDonald

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  1. Tinkerbell says:

    So if a kid gets injured, who goes on the field to help then, Ms. Juli McDonald, smiley-pants? The Tooth Fairy? Can someone put a bag over Lisa Hughes’ face as well?

    1. coch01 says:

      well little princess snowflake, why can’t the parent who is AT the game as well as the coach help the injured know, like how it is done now. Also, are you drunk?

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