By Jim Smith

BEVERLY (CBS) – The story started at a marina in Beverly, when a group of friends figured they’d take a boat trip up through Cape Ann, never expecting what they were about to see.

Not long into the voyage, they realized they had company – a curious humpback whale. At a respectful distance, they tracked it for a while.

A humpback whale performed just 1,000 yards offshore. (Photo credit: Tyson Goodridge)

Then, the whale decided to perform – breaching and leaping out of the water right in front of the group.

“We saw it go down three times with the tail, and then as I hit record. …. I pulled over and wham! Just breached right in front of us,” said Tyson Goodridge, of Wenham, who shot the video. “It was just the right place, right time, and it was really fun to see nature doing her thing,”

The nautical drama unfolded just offshore, about 1,000 yards off of Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Goodridge described the experience as “unbridled joy.”

“It was just right place, right time,” Goodridge said. “It just happened to be feeding a thousand yards offshore. It was really cool.”

Jim Smith

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