By Bill Shields

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – For as long as there have been motorcycles, people have ridden dirt bikes in the Plymouth woods.

But on Thursday, on one of the trails under power lines, a rider discovered steel spikes in the middle of the trail, anchored to a piece of wood that had been buried.

“Very dangerous, very scary. We don’t know of anyone getting hurt” said Plymouth Police Chief Mike Botieri.

And a few days ago, at a dirt bike trail in Myles Standish State Forest, a steel cable had been stretched across the trail.

“Cable is the most dangerous, that will decapitate you in a second,” says Bobby Bettencourt, of Bettencourt Motorcycles in West Bridgewater. He said a rider going as slow as 25 miles per hour could be decapitated by a cable.

No one has been arrested in either case, but it has dirt-bike enthusiasts on edge.

“That’s some serious stuff. You’re talking about people’s lives on the line,” said Bettencourt

Bill Shields

  1. Pat B says:

    Thank you for reporting on this. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone would do that, especially the Cable. That person should be arrested at the very least. It infuriates me, anytime I see a cable strung across an entrance after hours, to keep people from pulling in to a parking lot. I’ve known at least three people that have been killed on a motorcycle/dirt bike from a cable strung across a trail. Let’s hope since reporting on this, that person decided it wasn’t how to handle the situation. Let’s hope and pray no one gets hurt.

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