BOSTON (CBS) — It was a familiar sight in Boston Friday – another truck fell victim to the low clearance of Storrow Drive.

A truck hit a bridge overpass going westbound by the Kenmore Square exit at about 6 a.m.. It had to be moved to the median where it was laying on its side.

Massachusetts State Police blocked a lane to clean up debris on the road.

Traffic problems in the area continued throughout Friday morning. Crews were able to pull the truck from the scene hours later.


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  1. Eric says:

    It’s funny how ignorance just won’t protect you against certain things. Bridges that are lower than your truck are one of those things.

  2. JimStark says:

    There solutions to this essentially monthly event of inattentive truck drivers hitting these bridges.
    One is to have the police actually do their jobs and stop trucks from going on these roads which are clearly marked to prohibit the trucks and for a solution to stop the trucks from getting too far down the road, sensors can be installed and warning lights can tell the trucks to “stop you idiot! your truck is too high for this road!”

  3. Remember when says:

    They really need a sign above the bridge that says that it is only 10′ 6″ high for clearance. That way, no one will hit it. Oh wait, … there is one.

  4. Eric Osterberg says:

    Truck Drivers should have GPS warnings about overpasses on roads they take so they won’t drive on them.

  5. John says:

    If only truck drivers could read English. .

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