By Mike LaCrosse

EXETER, NH (CBS) – Customers of Stillwells Riverwalk Ice Cream in Exeter, New Hampshire are defending the shop’s owner following criticism about masks and social distancing.

“Out here I don’t think we need sidewalk police, I think that’s taking the issue too far,” said Paul Bonzani.

“Everybody is bullying, everybody is attacking everybody on social media or otherwise now,” said Leslie Artigliere.

Earlier this week someone sent the shop’s owner, Arielle Wolfe, photos of some young kids in baseball uniforms eating ice cream on the sidewalk outside the store. Wolfe said the person was upset not all the boys were wearing masks. “We can’t force anyone to do anything especially on a public sidewalk,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe took to their Facebook page to defend her staff and is asking people to “stop the mask drama.” Masks and social distancing are encouraged at all Stillwells’ seven locations.

Wolfe said her young staff is on the front lines of the mask debate daily. “We’ve had employees cry, we’ve had employees refuse to work at certain locations because of certain customers,” said Wolfe.

She wants the negativity to end and for everyone to feel safe and welcome. The team that was unknowingly photographed at the shop is invited back for some free ice cream.

Mike LaCrosse

  1. Remember when says:

    Interesting article , but I did not see if it is the law in NH or just a wise suggestion.
    I don’t think we expect ice cream workers to enforce a law, but parents can make sure their children are safe.

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