By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – Saturday was Day 1 of tough new travel rules for people coming into Massachusetts. At Logan Airport, travelers seemed ready. They said inflight announcements had been made on their inbound trips.

Coronavirus In Massachusetts: Latest Developments

People like Kelly Prendergast, of Chicago, had already taken steps in preparation for a family vacation on Cape Cod. “My husband and I did at-home tests before, 72 hours before, we got on the flight today. And then we’re actually going to do a rapid test right now before we go to the rental house on the Cape.”

Kelly Prendergast, of Chicago, said she planned to do a rapid test for COVID-19 before heading to Cape Cod. (WBZ-TV)

The new rules call for either a negative COVID test not longer than 72 hours before arrival in Massachusetts or a two-week quarantine with a possible $500 fine for violators.

One woman just in from Los Angeles said her flight also featured an announcement for passengers. “They said that, effective today, Massachusetts has a new rule, and they direct you to go online to look at what the rules are and what’s required.” She said she plans on quarantining now that she’s arrived.

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Some wonder if the new policy will provide an ultimate solution, but Marv Sachse, of Los Angeles, is still following the rules. In fact, he said he was carrying a copy of his recent negative COVID test. “I have had a COVID test which only has a thirty percent misaccuracy 60 percent accuracy rate. I’m not sure it’s gonna help much because you could have contact. It’s still gonna take you 14 days to know whether it’s gonna be relevant, but if they ask us to do it, we have to comply with it.”

Jim Smith

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