MARSHFIELD (CBS) – Some families have found a partial remedy to the emotional weight of COVID-19: boating.

In Massachusetts, untold numbers of new boaters are on the water. But good luck joining the crowd – boats are in such demand that dealers are selling out.

At Roht Marine in Marshfield, all the slips are rented out as people look for socially distant recreation. (WBZ-TV)

“In 14 years of selling boats, I’ve never seen it this busy,” said Dave McShane, of McShane Yacht Sales in Marshfield. “To the point people are out-bidding each other, buying boats over the phone.”

And at nearby Roht Marine, all the slips are rented out, along with boats. “Our boat rentals are up probably 150%,” said Erich Roht.

And if a boat is not your thing, then a swimming pool might help beat the COVID quarantine. But here, too, you’ll have to wait – up to a year.

And that’s keeping harbormasters and police busy at the marinas. “People are looking for something to do, to get outdoors, to social distance, and our waterways have been extremely busy with boat traffic,” said Marshfield Police Chief Phil Travers.

“It’s been like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And we’re finding people are willing to wait,” said Dave Hobaica, of Easton Pool and Spa.


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