BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Marty Walsh criticized Bay State Cruise Company, which was issued a cease and desist order after a photo emerged of a crowded cruise ship over the weekend.

“Gatherings like that are extremely dangerous right now. I certainly understand businesses wanting to open,” Walsh said during his Tuesday press briefing. “I certainly understand businesses wanting to be successful and we want them to be successful, but putting hundreds of people on a boat, putting hundreds of people in a park, putting hundreds of people on sides of the street lining watching a parade is extremely dangerous right now.”

A photo of what appeared to be a crowded Boston Harbor Cruise ship (Photo Via Marty Walz)

As a result of the order, the company can no longer conduct music or group charters but can continue their ferry service to Provincetown.

Walsh described the company’s actions as “not well thought out.”

“I would ask them – the cruise line – don’t do it again, because what you’re doing is not only putting your company in harm’s way; you’re putting the people that go on the ship in harm’s way, by putting them in a confined space where you really can’t physically distance in the right way,” said Walsh.

The Boston mayor warned that the fight against COVID-19 is far from over.

“This virus kills,” said Walsh. “I’ve heard the stories – well it doesn’t it doesn’t kill young people, but young people have died of the virus. It doesn’t kill children, but young children have died of the virus. It only kills older people; older healthy people have died of the virus. This virus kills.”

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  1. RichD says:

    The article was cut short. It left out the part where Marty says its ok to have thousands of people gather for a protest because that is different.

    1. Flex Roy says:

      Is it all a conspiracy because its an election year? LOL

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