BOSTON (CBS) — Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy squared off for their fourth debate Sunday night. The two are vying for Markey’s Senate seat.

One key topic was displaying how much support they had from younger generations.

“The support that we have from young progressives and the support that we’ve had from the beginning of this race. That’s why I got in this race because I believe, more than anything, young progressives believe in change and they know that we need stronger leadership to deliver,” said Kennedy.

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Markey said, “The women rights campaign, the LGBTQ groups have sided with me, they’ve endorsed me in this race, as has NARAL, as has Planned Parenthood, so this is a movement built around the progressive groups in our country but lead by young people who are rallying because of this climate crisis.”

The incumbent is 73 and the challenger is 39.

Both campaigns have been muted by the pandemic but are ramping up ahead of the Sept. 1 primary.