LYNN (CBS) – A 40-hour standoff in Lynn ended without injury Friday after a woman armed with a butcher knife locked herself and a child in a bedroom.

Police said the standoff on Forest Hill Avenue began at 7:48 p.m. Wednesday when a family member called police about the well-being of a child. Finding the front door to the home barricaded, police talked to the child – who said she needed help – through an open window.

Police said a “distraught female” in the apartment took the child into a bedroom.

“Based on the actions of the female and information that was provided by family, the officers believed the child was in immediate danger,” a statement by the Lynn Police Department said.

A police officer climbed through the window and tried to talk to the woman. Police said the woman opened the bedroom door and tried to stab officers while “making alarming statements.”

Police rescued the child through a window while the woman remained barricaded in the bedroom for almost two days before surrendering to police. She was transported to a local hospital.


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