BOSTON (CBS) – The Red Sox opened up their season to an empty Fenway Park due to the coronavirus. Despite an empty stadium, fans flocked to Lansdowne Street in hopes of the seeing the Green Monster.

“There’s a gate inside [the] Bleacher Bar we can actually see the field, so I feel like that’s as close as we can get today, and we’re thankful to have that opportunity,” said Daniel Kromer of South Boston. WBZ caught Kromer, and his buddies heading into Bleacher Bar to watch the game up close.

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Bleacher Bar Director of Operations Joseph Hicks told WBZ, it’s been a long road. “It certainly has been difficult changing the way that we operate, but now that we’re here, I’m glad to say that everybody is really doing a good job,” said Hicks.

Red Sox fans on Lansdowne Street ahead of home opener (WBZ-TV)

Fans are adjusting to a new set of guidelines for the national pastime.

“I’m glad that we can still be out in Boston, near the stadium, at least, on opening day,” said Mansfield resident Haley King, who drove 45 minutes to hang out near the stadium with a friend.

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Amid the pandemic, restaurants are trying their best to adjust.

House of Blues roof deck on Lansdowne Street (WBZ-TV)

“We actually get a tape measure out every day, when we’re setting up. Everything is six feet apart, if not more. We just want to make sure that everybody is safe and having a good time,” said Tim McKenna, House of Blues production manager, who is now managing the venue’s outside restaurant deck.

Bartender Rob Botelho, who has worked on Lansdowne Street for decades, said staff members are just happy to be back at work.

“The ones that are working are very happy to be here making, not, of course, the same money, but every little bit helps in this situation, so we’re very happy to be back at work,” Botelho said. “This is the most action I’ve seen on this street since March.”

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No word on when fans will be allowed back into the stadium, which could depend on how long it takes to develop a vaccine.