BOSTON (CBS) — Individuals who fail to comply with a new travel order in Massachusetts could be fined $500 per day, Gov. Charlie Baker announced Friday. Visitors and in-state residents returning home must fill out a “Massachusetts Travel Form” and quarantine for 14 days unless they are coming from an exempt, lower-risk state or can provide a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours.

The travel restrictions go into place on August 1. Incoming college students are included in the order.

The current exempt states are: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York.

For a state to be considered lower risk, the seven-day rolling average of daily cases must be below six per 100,000 cases and the positive test rate must be below five percent.

“We’re not going to be stopping cars but we’re going to expect people to comply,” said Baker. “There’s going to be a ton of signage out there to make clear about what the rules are.”

Other exemptions include people passing through the state, people commuting across state lines for work, people traveling to Massachusetts for medical treatment, people complying with military orders, or people traveling to work in federally designated critical infrastructure sectors.

“Since March, the people in Massachusetts have made great sacrifices and shown great discipline. And as a result, our state has made great progress to slow the spread of COVID-19 and gradually reopen,” said Baker. “Every traveler coming to Massachusetts, no matter where they’re from, has a responsibility to help keep COVID-19 out of the Commonwealth.”

“This time of year, many people are traveling to and from Massachusetts for vacation or, in some cases, getting ready to come back to school. We’ve already seen an uptick in activity at Logan Airport.”

The order also said Mass. residents are “urged to limit out-of-State travel only to those State included on the DPH list of COVID-19 lower-risk States and are strongly discouraged from traveling to other States or to international destinations.”

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According to Secretary Stephanie Pollack, more people are moving around within the state and from out of state. “Earlier in July, traffic volumes measured at a series of key locations around the state were on average only 10 to 15 percent lower than corresponding 2019 volumes – far higher than back in April or May,” she said.

The average number of daily checkout passengers at Logan has doubled from around 3,300 in May, to just over 7,000 in June, then nearly doubled again to over 12,000 in the first three weeks of July, said Pollack.

“Of the 200 to 300 arriving flights each day, there are on average 51 flights just from the three states of Florida, California, and Texas, where COVID-19 cases and fatalities are on the rise.”

Baker said, “There are no shortcuts when it comes to containing COVID-19. For months the residents of the Commonwealth have been vigilant and disrupted their daily routines. They’ve had to adopt new habits and we cannot and we must not let up now.”

Comments (35)
  1. MassGirl says:

    How would this ever be enforced?

    1. Check out this tweet from NBC10:

      “Feel like snitching on a boss or business not following public health rules in the COVID-19 era?

      Here’s how you can…”

    2. Mark NA says:

      Can some one arrest baker for something already? What a disgusting wretch!

  2. Allison L says:

    Based on this: “For a state to be considered lower risk, the seven-day rolling average of daily cases must be below six per 100,000 cases and the positive test rate must be below five percent.” Kentucky would only be allowed to have one case a day to qualify since we only have a total of 25k cases total. We’re already below the 5% positive rate. This seems to punish people from states with relatively few total cases. Basing it on a positivity rate and some threshold based on the population of a state makes more sense. Or am I misunderstanding what this is saying.

  3. Frank DeLorey says:

    Will they be using toll transponder data like Maine? It should not be legal….

    1. pizza says:

      Red the terms of service on the transponder box…. they can do anything with the data and you already agreed to it when you picked it up.

      1. Chris Jennings says:

        ..and they have readers in places other than tolls….

      2. Chris Jennings says:

        NH should follow suit…ban MA residents, since undoubtedly, they flock to NH to avoid these draconian rules, and put our state at risk…and their own numbers wouldn’t meet the criteria for safe admittance.

  4. kas1900 says:

    Just fly or drive into one of the exempt states and good to go. These people truly are idiots. There is only one thing that will kill this virus. We all know what it is and we are not doing it cause it costs votes, and heaven forbid.

  5. Not now says:

    OK who pays for the 14 days? Mass Govt irresponsibly not to pay

  6. where can I find the list of states that is ok I live in mass but have been in maine

  7. Justin says:

    The biggest risk are those 51 flights/day landing from FL, TX and CA, so every single passenger coming off those planes should be met by an officer and forced to sign a form committing to quarantine or proving a negative test, with random home inspections of quarantined people to assess fines for violations – only way to make this stick is make it hurt (in the wallet)

    1. KB says:

      Maybe FL,TX. CA, and especially New Orleans should have done that to incoming tavelers from the east coast. But because of Cuomo D-NY incompetance letting everyone travel out of there without quarantine or testing, it’s a little too late.

  8. Cindy says:

    Do I get back my AIRBNB deposit? If not, seems like a good way to make money and not provide a service.

  9. Susan D Rezuke says:

    I’m traveling to Escambia County Florida (very Northwest corner of the panhandle) As of today, this entire county, which includes part of Alabama, has a total of 6,684 total confirmed cases and 76 deaths. It is NOT a high risk area of Florida and is a full days drive from the high risk areas. Why do they have to go by state?? Florida is big. REALLY BIG!!

    1. JK says:

      I assume you will be flying through the airport of a major city in Florida to get there ?

  10. Joseph Guidry says:

    what about interstate commerce laws?

  11. Vito says:

    Charlie is CARAZEE!!

  12. knnthbrady says:

    So, if I am flying from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland with a change at Logan Airport, am I going to be quarantined?!

    1. Nora Hussey says:

      I’m sure you know that Ireland has strong measures to protect their citizens. You will deal with that upon landing. I’m waiting to go until I have enough time to make that just part of my return and not most of the visit. Good luck!

  13. Arch Stanton says:

    So, when/if the Patriots start playing games in a few weeks, will the visiting team have to stay in quarantine for two weeks after playing the game?

  14. malden mamma says:

    Where are these folks expected to quarantine? Can they stay with family in MA?

  15. HeadCount says:

    Hawaii is exempt, but the connection isn’t. These MA politicians are gestapo liars, Covid-19 is just the common cold, from which the immune system is the cure. Get Over It.

  16. emilie miller says:

    Gov. Baker you obviously have no idea how ineffective your requirements are to VACATIONERS on Cape Cod. What you believe is happening under your orders! IS A JOKE!

  17. Dan Hansell says:

    Seems political. Where’s the “science and data” in this measure ?

  18. SUSAN IRISH says:

    If I go cape cod for 8 days and stay quarantined and go to Logan to fly out will I be fined or guarantined?

  19. g8orade says:

    What is anyone helping a college student return to camplus (parents) supposed to do?

  20. Johnny says:

    Yet another Massachusetts Executive Order with no teeth and absolutely no means to enforce it just like every other State in the US. It is entertaining to read peoples responses when they think it is legit though.

  21. Deb Noble says:

    Another rino Baker kowtowing to the CCP. Whats in his closet? BTW he look hyper stressed put. Thanks alot you traitor.

  22. James Raymund says:

    The state of MA is crazy if they think they can enforce this! ..Or, that it MIGHT have some affect. Wake up people – this whole thing is political…

  23. jeffrey paszko says:

    the reason why Massachusetts had such a terrible outbreak in the first place is because this useless moran of a governor did not issue a travel ban after the president and allowed visitors from China to attend a conference at Biogen .And now he pretends he’s some hero,Tell that to the veterans who died under horrific conditions while he the governor was hiding in Swamscott. He is a low life WASP who like his forebears think he has some divine right to rule but is miserably incompetent

  24. Hi says:

    What if people are travelling out of Massachusetts? For example they came for visit 14 days back and leaving Massachusetts

  25. Rick says:

    No one has answered this; so Joe Q.Public leaves tomorrow for Vegas and stays a week. He then flies back to Boston without any paperwork. Worst case someone at airport asked for paperwork/info for where he’s been & for how long. No paperwork so now he signs a form promising to self quarantine for 2 weeks or $500 fine. Who’s watching him? Does he get arrested?

  26. Swati says:

    1) No where on the website of MA gov it states when are we suppose to fill the form? before arrival, on the day of arrival, 1-2-3 day period after arrival.
    2). And if you are coming from airplane, do they provide it or we do it online.
    3). Can we use taxi service after arrival?

  27. Yeah Right says:

    guys….just turn on your phone in a high-risk state.

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