By Tiffany Chan

ANDOVER (CBS) – The afternoon thunderstorm was brief, but it was powerful enough to uproot trees and leave debris scattered across the Merrimack Valley.

“This is the worst – by far,” said Martha Tubinis. “I mean, we’ve never seen this type of damage before.”

The Andover mother heard the storm rolling through and felt just how ferocious it was.

“It kind of stopped and poured rain and the wind switched and came in this direction,” she said.

Strong storms uprooted trees in Andover (WBZ-TV)

Another neighbor said it was quick, but terrifying.

“I heard what sounded like a freight train. That’s when I got up and left the room. If those trees are coming down, they’re going to hit me,” said Michael Marotta.

Downed trees and debris was scattered across the yard and along Southridge Circle. The heavy rain and wind gusts were powerful enough to uproot trees. One lifted up the cement driveway.

“I was looking out my back window and I saw a tremendous wind, it wasn’t normal,” said Don Levis. “It was a very violent wind that came by and I saw it knocking down trees and breaking trees and then I came and looked out my front window and as soon as I looked out here, these trees were already down.”

A tree fell onto an Andover home during a storm (WBZ-TV)

The heavy downpours flooded the Lawrence police station and roadways as drivers tried to navigate through the waters.

In Groveland, one tree crushed the back porch of a home, but luckily missed the house by just inches. “My BBQ got crushed, the lawn furniture got crushed,” said Eddie Costello.

Another close call in Andover. A tree crashed through the master bedroom of a home and two others blocked the driveway – leaving branches scattered around the backyard.

There’s a long clean-up ahead, but one neighbor says it’s a miracle no one was home. “The important thing is that nobody was hurt,” said Tubinis.

Tiffany Chan


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