WESTPORT (CBS) — A Northboro man is facing charges for allegedly coughing at a Westport police officer and claiming he had the coronavirus. The officer was writing him a parking ticket Tuesday at West Beach just before 4 p.m.

Officer Sarah Zielinski said that 29-year-old Steven Lesnikowski was “yelling and swearing” at her when she refused to tear up a citation for parking in a residents-only area.

“When she went to hand him the citation, he coughed in her direction and then stated he had the Corona Virus and now she had it too,” Westport police said in a statement.

Zielinski said she watched Lesnikowski throw his ticket into the street and drive away. According to police, Lesnikowski called the station to dispute the citation and said he had video of the incident, but refused to share it. He said the officer was lying and the interaction never happened, police stated.

Steven Lesnikowski (Photo via Westport police)

Police issued a warrant for Lesnikowski’s arrest on the charges of threat of a dangerous substance, assault and battery, and destruction of a parking ticket. They’re urging anyone who may have been in contact with him to seek medical attention if they think they have been exposed to the coronavirus or show symptoms.

Police shared a photo of Lesnikowski but note Zielinski believes his hair is longer and he was wearing glasses during the encounter.



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  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    He better have the video. He is already convicted.

  2. Graham H says:

    I remember this guy from high school. He was a POS then too. Seems he never found his way.

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