By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – Businesses around Fenway Park are drawing tourists and fans days before the adjusted season even begins.

“I think it’s been long overdue waiting for the season to start back up and I hope we can get a nice long exciting season out of it,” said Mike Truchman.

“It’s nice it’s really nice to see the city come back I hope we can stay that way,” said Betsy Phreed.

Restaurants along Landsdowne Street are stocking up and setting up to welcome back fans to the area. People can’t go inside the park, but they’ll be able to experience the buzz around the neighborhood.

“If anything is going to bring people out it’s the Red Sox,” said Fenway Johnnie’s owner John Caron.

Caron is creating outside seating ahead of Friday’s game. They’re already sold out and it’ll be their first time back open in months.

“We weren’t surprised. That helped encourage us to feel better,” said Caron.

Eastern Standard Provisions is teaming up with The Bleacher Bar for every home game to provide new food items that will take your taste buds inside the park.

“People want to come down to this neighborhood for home games they can hang out outside, listen to the game over the loud speaker and just feel like it was last year,” said Billy Moran of Eastern Standard Provisions.

Landsdowne Street will be closed to traffic during each Red Sox home game.

Mike LaCrosse


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