BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts released its latest report on coronavirus cases by city and town on Wednesday. This week’s report takes a closer look at case data from the previous 14 days.

The report also notes whether there’s been a percent change increase or decrease in cases for each town over the last two weeks, compared to the two weeks preceding July 8.

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Boston (304 cases in last 14 days), Brockton (35), Chelsea (50), Lowell (52), Revere (39), Fall River (52) Springfield (70) and Worcester (84) are among the communities seeing a decrease while Everett (36), Lawrence (146), Randolph (19), Lynn (72), Winthrop (39), Holyoke (25) and Quincy (30) are experiencing an increase.

Coronavirus incidence rate over the past two weeks (Image credit: Mass DPH)

Massachusetts as a whole has seen 1,996 confirmed coronavirus cases in the last 14 days, which the Department of Public Health says is a percent change increase. There have been more than 151,282 tests in the last two weeks with a 1.91% positivity rate.


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  1. Jim Davies says:

    My family is considering a 3 day stay in Plymouth from Maine. Can you tell me the latest incidence rate of covid-19 for the city of Plymouth ?

  2. P. Briggs says:

    Hello WBZ. Looking at this and other reporting (NY Times tracking, a site tracking the R ration,, Johns Hopkins, etc.) if feels like MA is ‘on the brink’ of a greater increase. Levels in the state overall in terms of infection rates have been in the 200-350 range, lower weeks ago, higher end more recently. Even if you believe it is under control in MA today, you have to admit the number of infections and the positive test rate are NOT going down. Would be a great story to understand from the state perspective what they think – are there localities where there is speading (per this article), but is is overall under control? What is going on in our localities to get this down to near zero? In short, what is the next step? Important to ask because while the state beat it down to the current level, whatever we are all doing is NOT taking it down to zero, it’s maintaining it at a level where we could see another outbreak.

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