BOSTON (CBS) — Baseball is going to look very, very different in 2020. And that’s for both the fans watching at home and the players in the ballpark.

To help ease with the social distancing requirements placed upon players, the Red Sox will be expanding the dugouts at Fenway Park into what is normally the stands for fans.

Manager Ron Roenicke told reporters this week that structures will be built on the home plate side of both the home and visitor’s dugouts, while some additions will be made in the bullpens out in right field to help create some extra space.

Roenicke explained that only nine players and three coaches will be allowed in the dugout at any given time, which will require a rotation of sorts to take place in order for the team to function smoothly during games.

With fans not allowed to attend games during the coronavirus pandemic, the Red Sox obviously have plenty of space to work with to provide extra seating for players and coaches during games. During the intrasquad scrimmage, players have been spacing out by sitting in their luxury boxes that have been converted to makeshift locker rooms. That option won’t be practical or allowed when real games begin, hence the need to make some minor additions to make baseball work during this distinctly unique time.

  1. JimStark says:

    They may as well take up the seating areas with the expanded dugout, the seat will be mostly empty anyway.

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