By Juli McDonald

NORWOOD (CBS) — A Norwood store has found its piano man. John Capron is the formerly anonymous musician who dazzled customers over the weekend when he came into ReMARKable Cleanouts on Endicott Street and played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” on an antique piano.

“I love playing piano, I love when I’m pressing down on the keys. It’s more about my emotions and my feelings,” said the 23-year-old Mattapan man.

WBZ showed you the video Tuesday night. ReMARKable Cleanouts needed help finding him.

John Capron plays a piano in ReMARKable Cleanouts in Norwood (WBZ-TV)

“It didn’t make sense. I looked it up and I saw your post on Twitter. I was like I have to respond to this to make sure I’m not in trouble,” Capron said.

He was so NOT in trouble! The Norwood business wanted to gift him the small piano after he blew their customers away. Store owner Mark Waters had no idea the story you saw first on WBZ would go viral. Once he saw how many people were touched by John’s talent, he had an even better surprise up his sleeve. He presented the young man with a beautiful, valuable Steinway piano. They still need a little help delivering it to Mattapan; but John can’t wait to share more music.

John Capron and Mark Waters (WBZ-TV)

“Everybody’s like this is what we need during this time. I’m so happy I saw this. It’s made my day brighter. As long as people still feel the joy out of my music I’m happy,” the pianist said.

And the world could use a few more Marks, too.

“I’m a helper. A giver. I like to give. When I give to you and you smile, that makes me feel good. If you can make somebody else happy, bring a little joy in their heart. That’s what life’s about brother. Peace be with you,” Waters said.



Juli McDonald

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  1. Brian says:

    Great story, but where were the masks on these guys? You can’t make them wear mask, but even showing video of them without masks sends a wrong message.

    1. April Armstrong Campbell says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Awesome gesture and story, but he was wearing the mask while playing, they ought to have been wearing the masks that close and setting another example of how to help each other out! Seeing it normalized helps make other people feel like wearing theirs more!

  2. Roger B says:

    Please! Please! Please!…………………………. you’re missing the point! John loves to play and give others pleasure, Mark enjoys rewarding those who pass THEIR JOY along to others!

    Precautions are very necessary during this VERY STRANGE TIME, however, spreading the GOOD THROUGH ALL OF THIS IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT!!!


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