BROOKLINE (CBS) – The owner of a Brookline deli said he’s getting threats from customers who are refusing to wear face masks in his restaurant.

Steven Peljovich, the owner of Michael’s Deli, said a small group of customers is making life hard by not respecting the rules and lashing out if they are asked to put on a mask or wait outside for their orders.

Steven Peljovich, the owner of Michael’s Deli in Brookline said some customers refuse to wear masks. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s really hard when you are trying to run a business and you need all the revenue you can get, to try to accommodate people like that as politely as you can when they don’t even want to talk to you about it,” Peljovich said. “When you ask them to wear masks and they tell me I can go screw. That is not what they say, but it is what they mean – the language they use I can’t tell you. Or they threaten to never come back.”

Peljovich said customers have even thrown food at him. He’s asking everyone to be considerate and understanding during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. joebeckmann says:

    A camera and a thank you to those who refuse masks for their readiness to assume any liabilit y they engineered by their behavior. Anyone infected can now be sure of free healthcare and full compensation for lost work time.🌝

  2. Reimann Lebesgue says:

    They are exercising their 1st amendment rights, don’t you see? Liberal media and educated people, experts and doctors are out to tarnish the image of our great president and his medical expertise. #maga #trumpforever

    1. Mye Myme says:

      The First Amendment has nothing to do with wearing a mask. It only protects political speech from government influence.

      Wearing a mask, social distancing, and doing everything else you can prevent the spread of covid 19 shows you are thinking about others and not thinking only of yourself.

      1. tomstambaugh says:

        It looks as though you missed the sarcasm of the comment you’re responding to.

  3. Jack Mcdonough says:

    Very good deli. I wish him luck.

  4. I love Michael’s Deli. Steven helps make it such a friendly, welcoming place. I’m so sad to hear about how his customers have been treating him. This is a difficult and stressful time for everyone. At minimum, we must be decent to one another.

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