CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire will not require any schools to reopen this fall, but is offering guidance on how districts can do so safely.

Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday outlined recommendations for screening, social distancing, hygiene and other safety measures aimed at preventing further spread of the coronavirus. While President Donald Trump is demanding that schools resume in-person instruction, New Hampshire is leaving it to each school district to decide whether to fully return to the classroom, continue with remote instruction or combine those two options.

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The roadmap released Tuesday includes information about rearranging classrooms to maximize social distancing, screening of staff and visitors and other precautions. Schools that do reopen must provide accommodations for students and educators who are not able to return due to underlying health concerns. Masks will be required for all outside visitors, including parents, and strongly encouraged for staff and students under certain circumstances.

The Republican governor initially ordered all schools to close for three weeks starting March 16 and later extended that for the remainder of the academic year.

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  1. I commend Governor Sununu for offering flexibility on this very difficult and tricky situation. As a retired teacher, I would not want to be responsible for the health of my students and their immediate and extended families. We are the after school caretakers of our 7 year old grandson. I am one of those people with a compromising heart condition. We have been very, very careful thus far but throwing the children into a situation where they could easily and unknowingly encounter the virus would make me uneasy and would require my grandson and me to wear masks and certainly cut down on our hugs and kisses.

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