BOSTON (CBS) – Two college hockey players are on a mission to rollerblade from Boston to Michigan, raising money for cancer research.

Andrew Walker and Jacob Adkins took off from their dorm at UMass Boston early Monday morning.

They plan to rollerblade to Michigan, going between 100-150 miles each day.

Andrew Walker and Jacob Adkins depart for Michigan. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s because corona happened why cancer patients aren’t getting the funding or donations or the materials necessary they were before,” Adkins said. “Cancer is still a very real thing.”

They set up an online page raising money for the American Cancer Society.

“My mom had cancer. She battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma twice in 2014 and in 2015. And she’s been out of the woods in remission since that year,” said Adkins. “And ever since then I’ve wanted to give back to a good cause. And this is the perfect foundation to donate to.”

They are documenting the whole trip on social media. They hope to be in Michigan in 7-10 days.

“Giving back to something bigger than ourselves,” Walker said. “Can’t beat cancer alone. Let’s beat it together.”

So far, the pair has raised about $11,000.

  1. Alan Rudolph says:

    I’m glad you’re working for such a good cause, HOWEVER the idea that you will be rollerblading for hundreds without helmets is insane. Your families can’t be happy that you’re taking such a reckless attitude towards your own safety. A pebble, a crack in the pavement, a dog running across your path, a thoughtless driver or cyclist could end this in tragedy. Your coach wouldn’t let you on the ice without a helmet (I hope). Get helmets and appropriate lights or reflectors. This is totally irresponsible, the wrong way to go about doing a good thing.

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