PLYMOUTH (CBS) — Plimoth Plantation, the first colonial settlement in New England will be changing their name later this year. The move will drop the word “plantation” and be represent the living museum’s history, they say.

“The name change is something we’ve been considering at the museum for over a year,” said Kate Sheehan, associate director of media relations and marketing at Plimoth Plantation.

The word plantation is commonly associated with slavery. Plimoth Plantation has long spotlighted the native Wampanoag people, along with the pilgrims.

“[The change] is about making sure that we are fully reflecting what we do here, and that includes and has long included the history and culture of the indigenous people of this region,” Sheehan said.

Across the American cultural landscape, sports teams and schools are dropping mascots that feature Native American people and symbols.

“All of these names and mascots need to be dismissed,” said professor Joyce Rain Anderson of Bridgewater State University. “Part of the reason is it may not be the name but it may be the logos.”

Anderson also said it perpetuates negative stereotypes. “You cannot change a culture if you don’t change these names. You can’t move forward when you still have these stereotypes,” she explained.

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  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    Just ridiculous

    1. David L. Jorgenson says:

      It is more than ridiculous. All of this change is good for who?

  2. David L. Jorgenson says:

    I am from South Dakota. I visited the Plantation several years ago and enjoyed the history of it.
    I did not have one thought of it tied to slavery or indigenous people. My firm belief is that people like you are causing problems that we are having in the USofA. Why are a certain group of people constantly trying to change the history of our great country, Look at the expenses a change incurs. Brochures, souvenirs, map changes, promotion of the Plantation, and on and on..Oh we don’t think about those things as other people pay for it or the government will pay for it. Did I forget that the citizens are the government. Quit trying to alter our History. You are not the only one pushing these changes.

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