ALLSTON (CBS) – Boston Police have identified a man allegedly caught on surveillance video vandalizing a Black Lives Matter art installation in Allston.

Just after 9 p.m. Thursday night, and man and woman were seen walking on Lincoln Street in Allston, near where “Black Lives Matter” is bolted to a MassDOT fence as part of an art installation that was brought to the area in 2017.

The man can allegedly be seen with a can of black spray paint, leaving graffiti over some of the letters.

Police identified a man in connection with the vandalism of a Black Lives Matter sign in Allston. (Image credit BPD)

Justin Pomerleau, who owns Vivant Vintage across the street, was able to capture the incident on his surveillance camera.

“He just came up with a black can of spray paint, just started filling in the word black,” Pomerleau told WBZ. “It took them a while because people were walking by, they kept stopping they gave us great shots of their face by turning towards the cameras.”

On Sunday, Boston Police said they have identified the man believed to be the suspect on the video. Police did not release the man’s identity. He was walking with a woman at the time of the incident.

“This investigation remains active and ongoing at this time,” Boston Police said on Sunday.

  1. 38superauto says:

    After what they are responsible for, burning, looting, rioting, assaults, murders, robberies, civil rights violations, arson and a hundred other crimes all in just the last couple of months how could anyone even be accused of vandalizing something of theirs? It is absolutely absurd! It is akin to Hitler filing a lawsuit against someone for slander. man, you have got to be kidding me. What are going to charge with, felony trying to get even? Trespassing with intent to inflict one one thousandth of one percent of the damage the people as a whole has suffered on account of these Marxist mercenaries?
    I tell you, I thought that I had heard everything and this, but to top it off the police, who these people are trying do away with, are going to go out and arrest someone for doing something to a piece of their artwork? Come on man, and what is this artwork anyway, I shudder to ask. Don’t get me wrong they have some pieces of work over their alright but nothing I would call artwork, that’s for darn sure.

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