BOSTON (CBS) — An 11-year-old boy has serious injuries because of fireworks in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh confirmed. The mayor reminded residents about the dangers of fireworks at a press conference again Friday.

“Yesterday, I spoke to the young boy’s mom. When she [spoke] to me, she started crying, she said, I just need you to tell people how dangerous this is,” Walsh said.

The boy is hospitalized and likely has permanent physical damage, as well as psychological trauma, Walsh added. “A situation that was entirely preventable.”

“I heard the pain in this woman’s voice yesterday and I hope that people can understand the frustration that I have, and the fear that I have over [what] fireworks can do to our young people in our city. We’ve had enough of this. It’s time to stop. We don’t need another crisis to deal with this,” he said.

When police find fireworks, they confiscate them. People setting off fireworks will not usually be arrested, Walsh said. Some of the people getting caught are teenagers.

“Why would the police department arrest the 14-year-old — have something on their record — when they could have a conversation with them about the dangers of them and explain that to them and confiscate them?” Walsh said.

Police will make arrests for fireworks trafficking though, the mayor clarified.

  1. sara Elkins says:

    I think because fireworks are so easy to get a hold of and not that expensive, people think they could not be that much of a danger and they see companies who are licensed, bonded,experienced and trained and rarely are there accidents at those shows so they think anyone can safely set off their own fireworks any where and injuries or homes on fire will not happen.

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