DUXBURY (CBS) – Youth baseball games have been postponed in Duxbury after a player in the Grade 5/6 Major Leagues may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Gary Williamson, president of Duxbury Youth Baseball, said the player’s parent called the coach and a letter was sent to all parents informing them of the situation.

All games in the league have been postponed for the safety of the players. Although the season has not been canceled, Williamson said he is not sure when games will resume.

Rene Read is the town manager and coaches his son Nate’s team. “It’s still a very fragile system,” Read said. “As we try to reopen things, sometimes we have to stop and pause and reconsider maybe how we reopen.”

Nate got to play one game before the season was put on hold.

“I’m kind of bummed because I was playing my best friend’s team and I feel bad for the kid who was exposed because he could get sick,” 11-year-old Nate said.

The league had made some major adjustments for the summer’s abbreviated season.

“They wipe down all the equipment, there’s all kinds of new rules, including keeping players six feet apart,” Read said. “Duxbury Youth Baseball did an excellent job addressing it immediately before it spiraled into something that couldn’t be controlled.”

The player is going to get tested for Covid-19. If he tests negative, the league will consider resuming the season and plans to update parents on Friday.

  1. Concerned Duxbury Citizen says:

    Player/coach protection protocol was implemented, it was not strictly enforced. Players were benches without masks sitting shoulder to shoulder, no frequent use of hand sanitizer with equipment/baseballs in game, etc. I hope this player tests negative and is safe.

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