BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker echoed the request of Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu in asking anyone who attends a rally being held this weekend by President Donald Trump to wear a mask.

Trump is holding a rally Saturday in Portsmouth. N.H.

Baker, also a Republican, pointed to recent George Floyd protests in Massachusetts, where the large majority of participants wore masks, and there was no spike in coronavirus cases.

“Wear a mask. Wear a face covering. I mean, we tested 16,000 people who were involved in large gatherings, primarily the demonstrations and protests that took place over a two-week period of time. The vast majority of people who participated in those demonstrations and marches wore masks,” said Baker. “I don’t know how many times we need to say this, and maybe never will be enough. This is about you and it’s also about the people you’re with.”

Sununu said he will be wearing a mask when he greets President Trump at the airport.

A Portsmouth City Councilor wants to make wearing masks mandatory at the event. Sununu said Tuesday he will not issue an order requiring face masks for gatherings of 50 people or more.

Baker said asking participants to wear a mask does not infringe of First Amendment rights.

“We never stepped on anybody’s first amendment rights,” said Baker. “I want people to remember that the first rallies that took place in Massachusetts were against our reopening plan for going too slow. No one got ticketed, no one got fined, no one got arrested. The first amendment piece is a really big and important deal. But I would just urge people to wear face coverings. For themselves, for their family, for their friends, for whoever is there.”

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  1. John says:

    Hey Charlie, you are the govenor of Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. You overeacted to this so called crisis that has a mortality rate of 0.03%. You are weak, you are not a conservative. You screwed up the FY2020 school year as a parent I want to thank you sarcastically. Because of you and the retard Marty Walsh – there is going to be a mass exodus out of the city of Boston and possibly Massachusetts – property values are going to change – because you seem to like to listen to a little ‘jaw’ ( Fauci in Italian) that has no credibity – so bad in his projections that I would fire him if he was on my team. I will be at the rally and it is none of your buiesnes what I do. You are a embaresment and we need a real leader that looks at facts and not feelings nor from organizations that have former terrorists as its leader. As for FY21 – go ahead – make the lives of parents miserable again – that will be a backlashes. Nice job.

    1. Bob says:

      You do realize that Sununu is wearing a mask and recommending it too, and he IS the mayor of New Hampshire? It IS none of his business what you do, however common respect for others lives does in fact and should matter, anyone will say they’ll do anything for their country but once they feel inconvenienced that seems to change.

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