By Beth Germano

NEWTON (CBS) – Newton police are investigating whether a driver deliberately sped through a Black Lives Matter protest at City Hall.

The protest started as a peaceful demonstration of mostly teenagers promoting racial justice on the steps of City Hall but quickly escalated when, protesters say, they were taunted by a man leaving the building.

“All black lives matter? What about unborn black…” the sound trails off on video that captured the event. Protesters say it seemed to be an anti-abortion but was aggressive enough he was asked to leave.

Protestors say a man drove through their protests at Newton City Hall. (Photo credit: Jason Alpert-Wisnia)

“I think he found a crowd he could speak in front of and tried to exercise his First Amendment rights,” said protester Leyla Davis. But then, protestors say, actions spoke louder than words as the man is seen leaving and jumping into his blue pickup truck and speeding up through the young crowd.

“I don’t know if he specifically had wanted to harm someone, but I don’t think he cared if he did,” said Rachel Alpert-Wisnia, a protest organizer.

Protesters said police on the scene did little to intervene, but Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller insists an investigation is underway. “If that driver endangered the lives of peaceful protesters, we want him charged,” said Fuller.

While no one was injured, protesters said the truck came closer than the video shows. All this, they said, as young black speakers were telling their personal stories, a message they now believe has been overshadowed by someone racially insensitive.

“I can’t understand what gets you to the point where you want to intentionally hurt people, especially children, at a peaceful protest trying to make a difference,” said protest participant Lily Santana.

Beth Germano

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  1. 911WASanINSIDEjob420 says:

    BREAKING NEWS: man uses ROAD for vehicle… liberals lose thier minds

  2. sara Elkins says:

    The police should have protected the kids and gone after the driver, What are the police there for to protect the city hall building from peaceful teen protesters with signs?

    1. 911WASanINSIDEjob420 says:

      stay out of the street you f u c king idiot

  3. Peter Banner says:

    Excuse me, Beth, Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization and they don’t matter. They are Marxist. Just using the phrase “black” in their speech and you pushing the phrase is racist. I think you should re-think your awards until you join the bandwagon to help shutdown Black Lives (don’t) Matter once and for all. Skid on those racist Marty “puppet” Walsh murals. Blocking roads is not peaceful, it’s not a 1st Amendment right. It is criminal. If this continues, don’t be surprised when the epithets return from the silent majority 10-fold worldwide.

  4. Remember when says:

    I actually thought he drove into the crowd, as the lead says.
    He drove into a crowed street. A crowd is a group of people. He drove at them, but thankfully did not hit them. He should be charged with reckless driving, not yielding to pedestrians, etc. He didn’t drive into a crowd of people. Its like if you bowl and through a gutter ball. You threw it AT the pins and it went into the gutter. If you through the ball INTO the pins, you would be smiling. The media is often misleading with eye-catching titles.

    1. 911WASanINSIDEjob420 says:

      everything you said was wrong and we are all dumber for hearing it

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