By Mike LaCrosse

METHUEN (CBS) – For a second straight day, FBI agents searched an area behind a U-Haul facility in Methuen on Wednesday. Sources told WBZ-TV it’s linked to a man who has been missing from Manchester, New Hampshire since April.

Courtney Dunne watched on as crews using heavy equipment and FBI agents searched behind the building near her house on Milk Street.

“It’s also something that’s very unusual for this area to have such action like the FBI. Not a lot of people see FBI crews like in person it’s always you know CSI and stuff like that,” said Courtney Dunne.

The FBI will only say their Evidence Response Team is on scene in connection to an ongoing investigation.

“This being so close to home is very concerning,” said Nick Rosado.

Skyeye flew above the search site, where it appears large trenches are being dug. A K-9 unit could be seen moving around the huge holes.

People who live in the area say the property has been vacant for several years.

“It’s like a mile walk around and it’s all wooded area and I always felt funny walking around there even with her,” said Joe Willard.

Sources also tell WBZ News the car of the missing person was recently found in Lawrence. The FBI says there is no immediate danger to the public.

Mike LaCrosse


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