By Paula Ebben

MARION (CBS) – More than 100 days after a woman from Marion learned she had COVID-19, she is still dealing with the virus.

Doctors diagnosed Ann Wallace on St. Patrick’s Day. The cancer survivor, who is also dealing with multiple sclerosis, told WBZ-TV she’s been fighting the symptoms every day since.

“For weeks on end I couldn’t get off my couch. I would come downstairs in the morning, lie down on my couch. I would come downstairs because there I could be close to my refrigerator so I could get water or a snack, and I could be close to the bathroom. I could be close to the things I need to have access to,” said Wallace. But I couldn’t take more than 10 or so steps at a time. If I did, I would feel myself start to black out. It is a terrifying virus to have.”

Ann Wallace. (WBZ-TV)

Even now, Wallace still struggles. But she has days where she can go for a walk before having to come back home and sit down to rest.

“The fact that I can go for a walk now is amazing,” she said.

Wallace has been in the ER five times since March. She said the idea of the economy reopening and people going back to work “gives me a great deal of anxiety,” and not even just because of her own fears.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through this. I’m not an anomaly,” she said.

Wallace said she’s been in pulmonary rehab for nearly two months and still feels the burning in her lungs.

She knows she has a long road ahead of her and she is just trying to stay optimistic.

Paula Ebben

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  1. JimStark says:

    I don’t want to make light of Anne’s situation, I am sure her troubles have been real, frightening and I don’t want to ever experience them, but she is an anomaly. She is a cancer survivor, which means her immune system is not 100% and she has MS, another indicator of a compromised immune system. Yes health people should take precautions to not spread the virus, but major part of the responsibility to keep from being contaminated must rest with those who are compromised and their daily contacts.

  2. Glenn Shumway says:

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    1. Max Kennedy says:

      Glenn Shumway – NONSENSE! But there is a decent chance of getting argyria from your concoction.

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