By Mike LaCrosse

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) — A debate about the safety of President Donald Trump’s visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire is playing out in the seacoast community.

“I think it’s wonderful that he’s coming,” said Arlene Forma of Portsmouth.

“I understand the need for political support and trying to get things going for the political season but I think health should come first,” said Tom Chindamo.

The outdoor “Make America Great Again Rally” is set for Saturday night on the grounds of the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease.

City Councilor Deaglan McEachern is worried about the large public event being held during the pandemic. He’s hoping the city council can make wearing masks a requirement in the city to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I think the entire community is worried about (it). We’ve worked just our butts off to keep COVID where it is and that’s low in New Hampshire. There’s definitely a health concern around that,” McEachern told WBZ-TV.

The Trump Campaign said: “There will be ample access to hand sanitizer and all attendees will be provided a face mask that they are strongly encouraged to wear.“

“It’s a good thing, we get his point of view,” said Kevin Marshall.

Portsmouth residents hope people attending the rally practice social distancing and do their part to keep the virus contained in New Hampshire.

“I think people need to be smart about how they do things, masks, distance a little bit away from each other, I think that’s the way to go,” said John Forma.

Mike LaCrosse

  1. Greg Hack says:

    So doing this right before Trump arrives this isn’t political at all…OMG people please wake up – goverment officals are lying to us about this everyday… Think about this – ” we are going to shut down for 2 weeks to stem the spread so the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed”…months later still imposing all these stupid rules which have NO science to back them up.

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