WORCESTER (CBS) – What will school look like in the fall? That’s the question on just about every parent’s mind.

On Friday, the Worcester School Committee decided it’s unlikely all students will be back in class.

“The school system will focus on developing a hybrid model – some students in the class and some at home.

“Rather than think about we need three plans, we need to be demonstrating feasibility. Well, all of us who are familiar with 25,000 kids and 4,500 employees and 50 buildings know precisely how feasible it is to try get them all back with health and safety. It’s not, so we’re gonna show that it’s not will show that and then we move ahead with the rest of this,” said school committee member Tracy O’Connell Novick

The school system plans to remove all furniture from classrooms, and carpenters will install clear plastic barriers. Custodian hours will be adjusted to allow for extra cleaning.

Worcester is also asking for parents’ feedback. In the next few weeks, parents will receive a survey to voice their opinions about how schools should be run in the fall.

In Wellesley, the school officials are seeking parent feedback before deciding how to move forward. The district will also create three focus groups, so school officials can hear about any concerns from parents directly.

The Wellesley School District plans to hold a virtual community update on July 9. Parents are asked to submit their surveys by July 10.

  1. Cf says:

    Schools have to be so carefull with the reopening of schools. Hate to see teachers as victims to this senseless disease. They will just become a statistic, a number no more. When will you start showing faces on the new to make this real? I hear we are 1.8% of coronavirus case. So what? Its a number. The teachers will be a number. Who has the strength to start posting pictures and making this real. Show the 28 deaths a day, not a number.

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