BOSTON (CBS) – School committee members in Framingham are considering taking Woodrow Wilson’s name off an elementary school.

President Wilson was a known segregationist.

The committee chair said while the full board hasn’t discussed it, some in the public are calling for the name change.

There could be more information later this summer.

  1. To what purpose would it serve? Please tell me that. Would it erase the acts or deeds drom history? Its it just a convenient and expediante way to appease a minority population who does not want appeasement. They Do not want an honest discussion. Theuy want it seperate and unequal. With people like the honarable Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Sitting in the Manor house . Her foot on the throat of every enon Black person that dares to question. “Pay us what you owe us” is her mantra. Reperation is another thing she refered to in her zoom confrence with other leaders of color. With people fanning the flames. Will they next take white-out to the declaration of Independance? Picket the broadway performances of Hamiltoin. Please tell me what will be enough for a woman who espouses hate.

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