BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Marty Walsh issued safety warnings about coronavirus and fireworks in Boston ahead of the July 4th weekend.

Walsh warned residents they should not be holding large cookouts or house parties this weekend.

“We are seeing in other parts of the country. What’s happening when people ignore the science. We are seeing the numbers surge,” said Walsh.

“We have come too far here in Massachusetts, in Boston, to take those kinds of risks and put our community and others in jeopardy.”

Walsh also issued a warning about fireworks, which the city has said have been a major problem in recent weeks.

“We’re hearing from many members that fireworks are triggering a wide range of trauma, causing real harm to our veterans who fought for this country, survivors of violence who are trying to overcome loss, to seniors and families with young children,” said Walsh. “Fireworks are dangerous in our community.”

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross reminded residents of the gruesome consequences that can come with lighting fireworks.

“Not only are they a fire hazard in the homes, especially multi-dwelling homes, but to life and limb as well,” said Gross. “I can tell you in my career, I’ve responded to several calls, especially with children, that have lost digits, have been seriously injured as a result of fireworks.”

Fire Commissioner Jack Dempsey gave several examples of recent building fires that were caused by fireworks as well.

“Last July, during the day we had a three-decker with a porch fire. Cause – illegal fireworks,” said Dempsey. “Later that night, 1:30 in the morning, four alarm fire. Two three-deckers destroyed. Twenty people lost their homes that night. Cause – illegal fireworks.”

Anyone who hears fireworks is encouraged to call 911. Residents who have information about people buying illegal fireworks can anonymously call the Crime Stopper tip line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS.

“These fireworks are not harmless,” said Gross. “They’re very dangerous. Again, a danger to your homes. A danger to your children, and to your community. For God’s sake it’s Independence Day we’re celebrating! Can we please give a break for those who fought for this country?”

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    So does that mean no major protest rallys and police car burnings?

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