BOSTON (CBS) — Attorney General Maura Healey sent a cease and desist letter Wednesday to Phantom Fireworks, insisting that the Ohio-based retailer with locations in New Hampshire stop mailing advertisements to residents in Massachusetts, where it is illegal to possess fireworks.

Healey said that Phantom Fireworks is mailing ads and coupons to Massachusetts that encourage celebrating the Fourth of July “in backyards across America” and lets residents know how close stores are to Boston and Springfield. She said the alleged actions violate the consumer protection law in Massachusetts.

“Phantom Fireworks knows its products are illegal in Massachusetts, yet we are hearing that residents are getting their advertisements in the mail,” Healey said in a statement. “We sent a cease and desist to stop this intentional marketing scheme and prevent more of these unsafe products from being brought into our neighborhoods.”

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Phantom Fireworks emailed Healey later on Wednesday to say they would stop mailing advertisements to Massachusetts residents, her office told WBZ-TV.

Business has been booming at Phantom Fireworks. A district manager for their Londonderry location told WBZ-TV back in mid-June “we’ve been slamming pretty much for the past three weeks.”

There have been reports of skyrocketing complaints about fireworks in Massachusetts so far this summer.

Anyone who has received an advertisement from Phantom Fireworks can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office online.


Comments (3)
  1. sara Elkins says:

    This has been a problem for years but this year has been the worst with more people from MA. buying fireworks in tax free N.H.

  2. I have been receiving the Ads for years. I often stop on my way up to my buds camp and vacation homes. I signed up for them. They were not sent randomly.sent to me. I have enjoyed stopping by the stores. I can really understand too the need for people to find a way to celebrate something these days. I guess Ms Healey believes more in restraint of trade that.Finding a way to celebrate what we have left of our country and it’s monuments.

    ALL Lives Matter

  3. Carrie Matheson says:

    Who told Healy that MA residents need her for legal decision making? I believe a consumer can think for themselves. Maybe that is why Boston needs to have 8 people to decide to take down statues because Healy and Baker and Walsh have not allowed them to make their own decisions.

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