BOSTON (CBS) — Julian Edelman has built an incredible career out of reading the defense and running an option route to spring free. It’s all about adapting on the fly. In the summer of 2020, after working out with quarterback Jarrett Stidham all spring, Edelman is showing off his ability to pivot.

The Patriots’ veteran receiver created an Instagram post on Tuesday, expressing his excitement to get to work with his new quarterback, one Mr. Cam Newton.

Edelman even went so far to borrow Newton’s unique font choice, writing, “néwtôn, MASSACHUSÊTTS” as his location while adding the hashtag, “#LetsWork.”

Edelman borrowed a Photoshop of Newton in a Patriots jersey for that one, giving fans a glimpse of what the new dynamic duo in Foxboro might look like come September.

Not long after the post went live, though, Edelman’s former quarterback chimed in, saying, “I will always be your #1.”

(Screen shot from Instagram/@Edelman11)

Clearly, Tom Brady may have left the Patriots months ago, but he’s still not ready to officially say goodbye to his buddy Jules.

  1. Jennifer Raffa says:

    Come on now, Tom. Adore you in every way but big boy panties go both ways . . . Can’t leave Jules without a team

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