GUILFORD, Conn. (CBS) – A Connecticut resident was rescued after falling through the floor of a historic home and down about 30 feet into cold water in a well below.

Guilford Police said firefighters made an “unbelievable rescue” at a home that was built in 1843, and featured a well that was most likely outside at the time it was constructed. An addition was added to the home in 1981, and the well was covered with wood flooring without a subfloor or well cap.

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A person fell through the floor, down 30 feet into water below at a Guilford house. (Image Credit: Guilford Police)

While the new tenant was moving into the home on Sunday, a friend fell through the floor and, as police described it, “into the abyss of a 20-30 foot well, splashing into extremely cold water that was well over the victim’s head.”

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A look at the well water below the floor. (Image Credit: Guilford Police)

The victim treaded water for about 25 minutes until a firefighter was able to drop down into the well and retrieve them.

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“Miraculously, the victim only suffered minor injuries but was transferred to the hospital to be checked out,” police said, adding “This situation could have ended with a fatality but due to the extreme professionalism and capabilities of Guilford Fire Department, everyone went home safely tonight.”