BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady has been facing criticism in recent days for holding workouts with his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates despite coronavirus recommendations from health officials. The latest comes from Brady’s own player’s union.

In recent weeks, multiple members of the Tampa Bay organization tested positive for COVID-19. That was part of the reason the NFLPA doctor advised all players that they should not be working out together during a time when cases in Florida continue to surge.

Despite the recommendations, Brady continued to hold workouts with about a dozen teammates. The sessions last about two hours.

USA Today asked NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith about the workouts. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been holding similar sessions of his own.

“Those practices are not in the best interest of player safety. They’re not in the best interest of protecting our players heading into training camp. And I don’t think they are in the best interest of us getting through an entire season,” said Smith.

Smith said that in addition to the safety concerns, Brady’s workouts also hurt the NFLPA’s coronavirus negotiations heading into the season.

“I certainly understand how competitive our players are and I get that. But at the same time, we have to negotiate with the league about what happens to a player if they test positive during the season,” said Smith.

“All of the things that players may want to do during the offseason have a direct impact on how well we can negotiate protections for them once the season starts.”

Smith also had a message for NFL fans when it comes to their own coronavirus precautions.

“If our fans truly want football back, there is no greater exercise of fan loyalty than to engage in social distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands and do your best to mitigate the spread of this virus,” told USA Today.

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  1. Tena Pelo says:

    We are not dependent on your health system, health care or your list of euphemized health phases/words you use to butter up and fool the naive and week so you can degrade their/our bodily systems to an even higher degree then what you’ve already done with your completely atrocious anti life out right crimes on humanity. Crimes on humanity which are of the highest order.

    We depend on, clean pure air, clean pure fresh water, clean pure fresh food(frugivorous digestive system and Biology) and a clean pure fresh environment all of which you guys & week corrupt naive fearful humans have done their best to compromise and neglect us of. We have none of these basic dependencies met right now in this time period or for as long as I can remember. You fools whom are supposed to be managing these most critical resources along with the best interest of the people are just F-ing up these most basic bottom line life support systems that we are so dependent on. And it sure looks like this is being done/has been done by design/on purpose/intentional.
    When we have these basic dependencies met the only part of the medical system we need is accident based trauma & poison units. We sure as hell don’t need the other 99% of this mostly parasitic industry….

    Why is our water infiltrated with brain and nerve damaging poisons? What is our food supply grown in/with. Why is our food supply grown with brain and nerve damaging poisons? Why is our air being sprayed day after day? Why is our environment being destroyed?

  2. Tena Pelo says:

    Not into left or right nor the political dogma that you people have your mind & thoughts damaged by. Why does everything have to be about politics in your people’s minds. What a distraction from pure thought to say the least. This is the real sickness in plain sight & easy to recognize by peoples who’s minds are not completely consumed by this sickness. Have anyone of you ever thought of just stopping participating in such a system or to just quit paying attention to the nonsense of these systems essentially letting them go to die as others recognize stop & let go?

    Stop participating & they die.

    To be honest i have not ever participated in any politics and certainly do not pay attention to such garble. So yeah, my mind does not even play in that arena let alone think about the garble of that realm of human sickness.

    You war is within created by your out of balance lifestyles/habit/addictions/dependencies. The war within begins when things that are not supposed to be inside the human organism are put inside. You people put these things inside every day multiple times a day. As long as humans do this, the war with in will continue unceasingly without stop intern manifesting on the outer reality and without stop or no end. A consequence of putting things inside that are totally not supposed to be there will only lead to further and further degeneration/weakening of the human organism exacerbating the internal war and likewise intensifying the external wars. Though I doubt any of you reading this will understand at all what I just wrote in this paragraph and that shows how truly out of touch you folks are……….

    Pasteur vs. Bechamp. One of these men believed in Ghost. Consequently, the one whom believed in the ghost repudiated that belief on his death bed & acknowledged that the other man was correct all along.

  3. Tena Pelo says:

    Wearing FACE MASKS/having FACE MASKS do to/because of CON-VID-19 is complete 100% scam artistry….. Hands down bar none. Wearing face masks do to human pollution/waste/air pollution is 100% legit.

  4. Tena Pelo says:

    You love to make believe in the BOOGIE MAN, Fairy tales & ghosts?

    Keep your false face on…………….

    I guess it is easier to pull off sick Schemas and scams when everyone is participating in make believe irrational utter nonsense.

    I bet you can’t even begin to contemplate the fact that your educational systems does nothing more than form people/you into scam artist without you even being aware of that fact. You go to school to learn how to be a scam artist/be molded into a scam artist and at the same time you learn how to be susceptible to being scammed. Your higher educational system that you waste your money/energy on does nothing more than make you into a more skilled scam artist. All this is done without you even being aware of it… Pathetic……… people’s get molded into the highly degenerate states of a narcissistic psycho-sociopathy…

  5. Tena Pelo says:

    Best way to protest such nonsense is to assemble. Organize/have large gatherings out in the most public places that can be thought of. Do it for days on end. Show them that you have no faith or belief in the garbage info that they try to force feed you. Protest it all, the dogmatic social distancing, the ridiculous pathetic face mask nonsense, everything. It’s PATHETIC believing in Phantoms and ghosts/the bogie man. Absolutely utterly pathetic to the irrational dogma x 100,000,000,000. IT is So so Pathetic being made to believe any of this garble doo garbage that is force feed by the junk media. SURE alright Yeah, let’s just make believe 24/7 dressing up in costumes & run away/distance ourselves from all other life forms. Pathetic…………irrational…………………..dogma………………….

    Great places to have these gatherings/assemblies are directly outside the locations of the major mainstream junk/garbage media outlets. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, Microsoft, GOOGLE, APPLE, FACEBOOK etc….. Let’s do it. Get it organized.

    MORE PROTEST EVERYDAY. If you don’t want such PHANTOMS & GHOST to be used against you again in the future we’ve got to push back harder. I mean real hard. More protest every single day. Larger #’s.

    1. charlie says:

      Get some help! You sound manic. Are you ok?

      1. phnxpete says:

        It’s just disinformation being spammed by conspiracy pushers. Search the first sentence and you’ll get multiple hits with the same emails on a variety of sites.

  6. A lot of well read and knowledgeable folks use WEAK instead of week and DUE instead of do. Moronic Oral Diarrhea’

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